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Dec10 036

What does an ecologist do in the winter?

This isn’t an unnervingly appropriate cracker joke and there is no punchline! It is however a question we are often asked – and one I have asked myself! The bats are hibernating, badgers are tucked up nice and warm in their setts, butterflies are either sleeping the winter away or are seeing out the season…


Supporting Good Causes!

At Hesketh Ecology we are very proud to support good causes wherever we can. During 2012 we were very happy to support organisations and causes including; Cumbria Wildlife Trust (we became Corporate Members), Expedition Romania 2012 which aimed to raise awareness of Romania’s unique wildlife and prostate cancer (we donated a first aid kit), Watchtree…

Feb 12 128

Tree Felling

It can appear that the felling of trees is incompatible with the rest of our work which revolves around the conservation of species and habitats. This is not the case! Hesketh Ecology have been offering felling services since 2011 and work primarily on peat bog restoration schemes and habitat management projects for protected species. We…