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    At Hesketh Ecology we aim to achieve excellence in everything we do. Guided by our core ethos of biodiversity conservation we provide a range of services designed to meet the needs of the development and construction sectors and wildlife conservation.

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  • Ecological Consultancy in Cumbria

    Hesketh Ecology are one of Cumbria’s leading ecological consultancy businesses working closely with construction companies, statutory and non-statutory conservation organisations, local biological records centres and local authorities. We pride our selves on being a highly respected source of expertise on local wildlife, environmental issues and ecology advice.

    Ecological Consultancy

Ecological consultancy and services

Founded in 2007, we are an independent company offering consultancy services including advice, surveys and research. We pride ourselves on providing customers with a cost effective, highly efficient and yet personal service.

We offer expertise in a range of ecological disciplines and can combine ecological consultancy and ecological implementation. We also offer expertise in environmental legislation and the planning system allowing us to provide robust and yet cost effective solutions to ecological planning issues.

We take an enormous pride in offering the personal touch, and are commited to satisfying the requirements of our clients in the most cost effective manner. We can arrange site visits and free quotations at short notice and are always available for an informal chat to discuss your needs.

Fill in a Record Pool Sighting Card! The Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK (ARG UK) have recently launched "Record Pool", a national web-based amphibian and reptile recording database, as a resource to collect data through the UK in the interest of monitoring native populations for the purposes of conservation and ecology. Whether you've seen a toad in the back garden, an adder whilst out on a walk, have a clipboard full of newt data from a field trip, or are a professional ecologist, we encourage you to put your records in the ARG UK Record Pool!

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